Antoinette is a powerhouse of knowledge and guidance. Her kind and loving nature invites you in as she asks, “Do you really want to know” - (haha) of course I do! But in all reality I LOVE that she asks for your permission. It goes to show you she understand everyone is at a different level and on their path - she meets you where you are - and what you need to receive she can provide to you. As a Health and Wellness guide myself, I think I might have learned even more from Antoinette than actually in my studies! Experience is everything in life and she has allowed me to dive deeper into the depth of knowledge and experience the truth behind food claims, labels and more. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I am grateful to have met you and it’s an honor to work magic with you. Keep bringing your heart and work out there, with grace and gratitude.
— Jessica Calderon

My testimonial could go on an on about Antoinette as a person, a teacher, a mentor and a mother. If I could say one thing it’s that this amazing women is authentic. She lives the lifestyle she so passionately teaches about and  sincerely wants to help others on their own journey of finding true health, in all areas of life. My family is blessed and grateful she’s been by our sides as we continue to navigate this life together!
— Elizabeth Kalber

Antoinette combines a true passion for living the most healthy life, with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience.  She truly walks the walk and is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.  I can’t wait to follow her recommendations and philosophies through this website.
— Marianne Friedlund

I am so fortunate to have witnessed Antoinette’s passion and dedication to living a clean Life. I’ve watched her story transform the lives of families around her and increase health in her community. Antoinette operates from her truth; integrity to what she knows through experience and study. I value my connection to her as well as her continued dedication to continually learn. She’s an asset to my everyday and to all of our tomorrows.
— Lisa Engle

Antoinette is my resource for all things health related. She is well versed and well informed on on the complexities of environmental toxins and the effect they have on the human body. Her vast knowledge and resources create an impressive ability to connect dots and provide excellent recommendations to the best products and specialists available. Beyond that she understands the power of the mind; creating a holistic view on health that inspires transformation from the inside out providing a truly one of a kind relationship.
— Mary James

I am constantly singing the praises of Antoinette Moura! She is a wealth of information when it comes to living life well above the standards of status quo. She is a good teacher of not excepting the main stream way and lives her life by example in this area. Antoinette seamlessly weaves a beautiful tapestry of overall wellness by connecting people and pointing them in the right direction when needed the most. Personally she has directed my entire family on a healing path by sharing her knowledge of cleaner water, food, products, and getting us in front of the the right naturopath! Following her advice in all these areas has all of us feeling and living better! She is a true gift that our family is so fortunate to have received!! We recommend her services highly!!
— Nazneen Tse

Antoinette is such a fabulous resource and person! She can talk intelligently about so many different topics and if she doesn’t have an answer, she knows who to contact.  Her reach is far and her vibe is pure love.  So, from non-toxic living and products to local health providers and local food sources, childcare, even catering a party - she is your go-to woman.  If you can’t get enough then she also offers retreats - think of it as Antoinette immersion, alongside dedicated, authentic yoga instructors or whoever she joins with along that particular journey.  Always a pleasure : )
— Michelle Carlson, Atlanta, GA

I wouldn’t know where to start with telling you how much I appreciate and love that Antoinette was brought into my life. She is a walking Google search engine of all things clean living and almost everything that ails you. If there is something that stumps her, she has such a wide network of wonderful people to refer you too that you truly feel more connected with an incredible circle of people. She has the ability to connect people that never knew they needed each other, then realizing how life changing that connection was.  She has helped me slowly revamp my life and what it means to eat cleaner and overall have a healthier home.  I am very blessed to call her a friend and have her in my life.
— Heidi Hill

Antoinette Moura is such a gift to the world! She is extremely practical, soft yet powerful, beautifully honest, and soulfully spiritual. Whether it’s asking her a healthy cooking question, a food sensitivity or allergy question, an ingredient question, a personal life question, a mindset question, a family question, a life changing question- she will help you humbly and effortlessly. She has a unique capability to transform your life and make your world better. Antoinette knows and owns who God intended her to be and anyone who knows her, works alongside her or has the opportunity to be mentored by her is incredibly blessed!
— Vanessa Wilhelm