Photo credit Jason Segal

Photo credit Jason Segal

A little bit about me

I’m Antoinette, it’s nice to meet you! 

Hi and welcome to By the Power of She!  I am a women, daughter, sister, wife and mother.  I am a homeschooling, enlightened, awakened and manifesting multi-tasking entrepreneur who loves God, my family, cooking and connecting with other powerful women.  I am a health and wellness transformation specialist who partners with families to take baby steps towards changing the course of their life! I am the co-owner of a beautiful restaurant with my husband and our chef and his wife.  I am human and imperfect and taking each day one moment at a time.  I am a mother of a child with a life-threatening peanut allergy.  I am seeking connection, love, joy, abundance, acceptance, adventure, clarity and grounding. I want to soar with grace and ease.  I am living each day taking steps to improve the health of my family and to reduce our load of harmful chemicals and stress.  And I want to live in gratitude and serve others. Do any of these life stages and missions sound like you? If so, we are already friends! 


How I discovered this lifestyle:

I always thought I was healthy and knew about food choices and exercise.  I just listened to magazines, my doctors, and my friends and did what they advised me to do.  Then one morning during breakfast  my 15-month-old son had a severe anaphylactic reaction to peanut butter and almost died.  My life changed that very instant.  It made no sense to me that a child could die from something as simple as food.  I began an insatiable quest for knowledge and answers as to how I could heal him and why this could even happen.  I began reading and asking questions and turning the world upside down for information.  

On my quest, I have connected with so much information and so many amazing healers and other powerful women.  I have changed, and my family has changed as well.  My son is now 9 ½ and I am still looking for answers and trying to heal him.  I find myself as a resource to so many and receive texts, calls, emails, and Facebook messages daily from others seeking information to make healthier choices and help their families too.  Everyone keeps asking me where is my blog, where is my website, and how do I find out more? So here I am creating it and putting it all in one place.  


My general principles and tips will focus on healthy eating, exercise, kids, household practices, mindfulness, parenting, relationships, understanding women’s health, and living a full life well.

what I AM creating:

We are creating a community  for powerful women to show up, connect, and become resources to each other.  Through wonder, whimsy, community, connection, tips, tricks, resources, recipes, courses, retreats, advice, a good laugh, a good cry, and fun. By the Power of She is a safe and respectful space where people can find answers  that will aid them in creating the life of their choice.   

The world is in a state now where we all need to rise up and do our part to make it better, cleaner, healthier, safer, and more loving.  I am a simple woman who is on a mission to change the world one family at a time and make it better for my children and grandchildren-to-be.   

I truly believe, despite the crazy world we live in, women can be empowered to find their voice and create the music that they were designed to make. 


Why we need this space: 

I have been called extreme, authentic, impactful and knowledgeable!  I am human and wanting to serve my family and those that I love.  Over the course of the last 20 years EVERYTHING in our life has changed and will continue to change.  I wish I had documented it but will start sharing now and hopefully help cut the learning curve and expense for others.  Living clean and natural can be expensive but I always say, pay now or pay later. 

My general principles and tips will focus on healthy eating, exercise, kids, household practices, mindfulness, parenting, relationships, understanding women’s health, and living life to its fullest.   

I often wonder if the positive effects I’ve seen in myself and my family are from having our 4th child and being so overwhelmed or reaching over 40 years of age, but it’s nothing short of inspiring and amazing! I will be sharing my personal experiences and knowledge  with you here and I will connect you with others who have seen similar results and have specific areas of expertise that will benefit all of us.    

One step at a time: 

If you feel overwhelmed by anything I’ve said so far and don’t know where to start, consider this: If you chart the course of a huge cruise liner and change it one degree in the ocean, it does not even seem like it has moved!  However, over the course of 1000 miles it ends up in a totally different location! Each day the choices we make can impact where we end up.  Stress can affect your health just as much as other lifestyle choices – take baby steps!  Together we can do this!